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Chaplain Service continues
spiritual leadership role in Virginia prisons!
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  Saving Lives from the Inside Out  
  The inside of Virginia's prison system is a vastly different world from the one in which most of us live. But if you think it doesn't affect you, think about this...there are approximately 30,000 men and women incarcerated in Virginia's state prisons today. 90% of these offenders will eventually return to live and work in your community. That fact won't change, but with your help, they might.  
  The Importance of Chaplain Service  

In Virginia, the Chaplains serving in the state prisons are not state employees, and they are not compensated with federal or state taxpayer monies (due to our state constitution's strong emphasis on the separation of church and state.) This is why in 1920 a non-profit ministry organization called Chaplain Service was founded. For nearly a century this unique ministry has changed the lives of thousands of offenders throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. By distributing Bibles, conducting worship services, providing counseling and coordinating volunteer programs, our staff of Chaplains have reached even the most violent offenders through much needed prison ministry.

Chaplain Service's many volunteer programs and religous activities provide offenders with an opportunity to interact with positive role models, and to learn how to give, rather than take from society.

The goal of Chaplain Service is to have a full-time Chaplain serving each of Virginia's major adult state prisons. With your help we can accomplish this goal. We can prepare offenders for their release, not as prime candidates for further criminal activity, but as productive, caring Christians in our community.

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